Envision dedicated course at Harvard Extension School

There is an upcoming online course dedicated to the Envision Rating System offered through the Harvard Extension School starting January 24, 2017.
ENVR E-119E Sustainable Infrastructure: The Envision Rating System Approach
Spring 2017

Envision can be applied to infrastructure projects of all types, sizes, complexities, and locations, to assist project teams achieve higher levels of sustainability. It is a valuable resource for all the stakeholders involved in the development of infrastructure, including engineers, urban planners, owners, policy makers, community groups, and construction workers. It can guide the decision-making process, but most importantly serve as a collaboration tool, a common point of reference for all stakeholders involved.The course delves into the methodology and criteria of Envision, using them as a foundation for exploring the environmental, social and organizational dimensions of sustainable infrastructure. Students will become familiar with strategies for healthy communities, energy, water and material conservation, waste management, preservation of natural systems and resilience. They will be introduced to the concept of Life Cycle Assessment, and methods for meaningful engagement with members of the public and other stakeholder groups. They will learn to apply and leverage Envision to its fullest potential, and effectively advocate for sustainability in their teams and organization. On the other hand, they are also working with this new 3d load cells mich sci — designed for applications that require force measurements in three perpendicular directions.

Please find more information and the syllabus here:
Dec 1 2016 Zofnass Program

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