Economic Process Tool


What is it?
The Zofnass Economic Process Tool is a platform that offers a fast and easy way to achieve preliminary quantification and monetization of sustainability externalities in infrastructure projects based on the Envision™ rating system. The tool uses user input values to achieve this quantification in a clear and transparent manner. The tool uses a comprehensive data set to inform users on the range of values that might fit their proposed project designs. The quantification of sustainability externalities becomes an integral part of the design process and promotes the implementation of sustainable strategies. This approach also negotiates existing gaps in the understanding of sustainability and economics, allowing more stakeholders to become part of the design solution.

Who might want to use it?
Potential users of the tool are sustainability design decision makers: designers, planners, sustainability professionals and activists, public officials, educators and any advocate for sustainable designs. When using the tool, one can strengthen the argument for sustainable practice while adding an economic justification to the design, based on the Envision™ rating system credits.

The relationship to Envision™
The Zofnass Economic Companion is based on the Envision™ rating system. The externalities listed in the tool relate to each one of the envision credit and illustrate a direct cost benefit relationship for applying sustainable strategies.

Economic Tool Researchers:
The Economic Process Tool has received countless hours of help from individual research associates throughout the years. These people have helped to research, write, design, and make the economic tool what it is today:

Arion Kocani, MArch Candidate 2016 • Farah Ereiqat, MUP 2014 • Maria Isabel Arroyo, MLA Candidate 2016 • Mariana Barrera, MUP 2014 • Sivan Naaman, Arch. • Sourav Biswas, MLA Candidate 2015 • Tianyi Yang, MUP 2014 • Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo, MDes 2013 • Apoorv Goyal, MDes 2014 • Cody Birkey, MDes 2013 • Julie Zelemayer, MDes 2013 • Hatzav Yoffe, MLA 2013

To begin an economic quantification process for one of the Envision Credits, please click on the Zofnass Economic Process Tool icon on the top or here.


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Dr. Andreas Georgoulias, Research Director,
Hatzav Yoffe, Project Manager and Research Leader,

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