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Leaders in large scale sustainability have come together under the Zofnass Program at Harvard University to identify the metrics necessary to develop a measurement of sustainable infrastructure.

Through an innovative collaboration between the academia and the private sector, key contributors practicing within the industries involved in planning and engineering the infrastructure have provided invaluable support to the Zofnass Program and have worked closely with the Harvard’s researchers to develop the Rating System.

This collaboration of leading firms and their representatives is essential to the development and implementation of a system that can be accepted industry-wide and have a fruitful contribution towards sustainable infrastructure.

The SIAB is comprised of senior executives from leading firms including Arcadis, Autodesk, exp., Golder Associates, GraniteCH2M Hill, HNTB, MWH, NV5, Power Engineers, and Stantec.


These organizations meet with Harvard faculty and researchers from the Schools of Design, Public Health, Engineering, Environment, Government and Business.

For further information on how to join, please contact Richa Shukla at, or at +1 (770) 401-3751.

The SIAB instigates a creative and productive dialog in direct partnership with the Zofnass Program at Harvard, pushing topics of sustainability such as economic viability, implementation and best practices to new limits.



Rich Allen, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Stantec • Robert M. Beinstein, Director, Sustainable Development Programs at CH2M HILL • Terry Bennett, Senior Industry Manager, Civil Engineering & Heavy Construction Autodesk • Laura Bonich, Vice President NV5 • Geoff Boraston, Director of Environmental Affairs Granite • Lynette Cardoch, Vice President, MWH • Brian H. Conlin, President and Chief Executive Officer Golder Associates • Dick Corolewski, Federal Business Unit Director Power Engineers  • Peter Gertler, Senior Vice President, High Speed Rail Services HNTB • Jim Grant, Energy and Fueling Director HNTB • Robyn McGuckin, Director of Clean Energy and Sustainability services, MWH • Jack Hand, Chief Executive Officer Power Engineers • Marty Janowitz, VP, Practice Leader Sustainable Development Stantec • Roberto Mezzalama, Principal and Project Director Golder Associates • Douglas Owen, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Arcadis • Louis Berger Group, Inc. • Alida Saleh, Head, Environment & Sustainable Development EXP • Wassim Selman, President, Infrastructure Division Arcadis • Ana Maria Vidaurre-Roche, Principal Infrastructure Specialist Inter-American Development Bank


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