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The Zofnass Program at Harvard University was founded in 2008 with a generous donation from siblings Paul and Joan Zofnass. Their fierce commitment to sustainable infrastructure continues to make the program possible.

PaulZofnass  JoanZofnass



A. Spiro N. Pollalis Professor, Harvard GSD, Program Director
B. Andreas Georgoulias Lecturer, Harvard GSD, Research Director




A. Judith Rodriguez Research Associate and Program Administrator
B. Yannis Orfanos Research Associate
C. Cristina Contreras Research Associate
D. Maria Ignacia Arrasate Research Associate
E. Sang Cho Research Assistant
F. Vicky Sagia Research Associate



Richa Shukla Research Associate and Program Administrator • Anthony Kane Research Associate • Hatzav Yoffe Research Associate • Aimee Taberber Program Administrator • Prof. Dan Schodek • Brian Kennett  dot-line


The following Harvard faculty, professionals, and experts advise the program:

Mohsen Mostafavi Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Design • Pierre Bélanger Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design • Amy Edmondson Professor, Harvard Business School • Richard Forman Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design • José Gomez-Ibanez Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design/Harvard Kennedy School of Gov’t • Rebecca M. Henderson Professor, Harvard Business School • Heather Henriksen Office of Sustainability at Harvard University • Richard Jennings Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Design • Niall Kirkwood Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design • John Macomber Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School • Dan Schrag Professor, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Director of the Center for the Environment • Matthias Schuler Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design • Martha Schwartz Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design • John (Jack) Spengler Professor, Harvard School of Public Health Thomas Vautin formerly of Harvard University • Charles Waldheim Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design dot-line


The Zofnass Program has received countless hours of help from individual research associates throughout the years. These people have helped to research, write, design, and make the program what it is today:

Julia Africa, MDES • Swati Agarwal, MUP • Jill Allen, MUP • Maria Ignacia Arrasate, MDES 2015 • Maria Isabel Arroyo, MLA 2016Thomas Baade, MDES • Mariana Barrera, MUP 2014 • Eduardo Berlin, MDES • James Cody Birkey, MDES • Dana Brechwald, LEED AP/MUP • William Burke, BA • Anna Cawrse, MLA • Justin Chapman, MDES • Jennifer Cooper, LEED AP/MLA • Juan Carlos Cristaldo, MAUD • Shelby Doyle, LEED AP/MARCH • Aggeliki Eyripioti, MAUD • Libby Farley, LEED AP/MARCH • Natalia Gaerlan, MUP 2014 • Ariana Galan, MARCH 2015 • Mary Gourlay, ASLA, LEED AP/MLA • ChengHe Guan, MDES • Kevin Gurley, MUP 2015 • Manuela Guzman, MAUD 2014 • Evgenia Hagistavrou, MLA • Faye Hays, DDES • Jianxing Huang, DDES • Paul Hunter, MDES • Masako Ikegami, MLA • Tessa Kaneene, MUP 2014 • Jon Kher Kaw, LEED AP/MDES • Salmaan Khan, MUP • Erin Kelly, LEED AP/MLA • Dongsei Kim, ANZIA/MDES • Sunkyu Koh, MARCH • Dimosthenis Lappas, MARCH • Jennifer Lee, MUP 2014 • Ming Ngar Lo, MAUD • Eleonora Marinou, DIPLARCH • Holly Masek MUP • Irina Mladenova, MUP • Leeta Mohanty, LEED AP/MDES • Alexios Monopolis, HSPH-HDIV • Ryne Niner, MDES • Mae Ng, MDES • Azadeh Omidfar, LEED AP/MDES • Debashree Pal, MDES • Andrea Pavia, MAUD • Beatriz Porcar, Post-Doc • Oscar Edmundo Quintanilla Lopez, MUP • Stephen Ramos, DDES • Judith Rodriguez, MAUD, MLA Lydia Scott, MUP 2014 • Ann Shi, LEED AP/MUP • Richa Shukla, MAUD • Ulrich SuterYuichiro Takendi, MDES • Emmanuel Torres, MAUD 2014 • Olga Tzioti, MSC • Holly Wasilowski, AIA, LEED AP/MDES/DDES • Birgit Wurster, MARCH I • Yin Xiao, MARCH • Julie Zelermyer, MDES • Rahissa Melo, Fulbright Scholar • Sonja Vangjeli, MLA • Flavio Sciaraffia, MLA • Sourav Biswas, MLA • Julia Carvalho Fernandes, Fulbright Scholar • Abner Calixter, MA-SID • Jianing Liu,Tsinghua U. PhD


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