ZP Workshop “Putting Together the Puzzle of Sustainable Infrastructure”

On October 25, 2017 the Zofnass Program at Harvard University Workshop took place in Brooklyn, NY. The focus of this one-day workshop was to focus on identifying the key drivers for the future of sustainable infrastructure with special emphasis on the business case for sustainable infrastructure. The Puzzle of Sustainable Infrastructure is based on what are the key parts that need to come together to make the goal of sustainable infrastructure achievable. The workshop will be composed of various presentations focused on discussing each of the proposed 13 key parts of the Puzzle of Sustainable Infrastructure.

1.  The relationship between “resiliency” and “sustainability”

2.  The ability to measure sustainability

3.  The Economic, Financial and Business Case for Sustainable Infrastructure

4.  Is Sustainable Infrastructure more costly?

5.  The role of the Infrastructure Banks

6.  The role of the Insurance Industry

7.  The role and development of “Green Bonds”

8.  The role of Pension Funds

9.  The role of Charitable Foundations

10. Technical Support for Sustainability

11. Investment Firms and Potential Benefits of “P-3” Projects

12. The Growth in Demand by Major Corporations

13. The Role of the Big Cities

The outcomes of the workshop were presented at ASCE’s International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure: Sustainable Cities for an Uncertain World, on October 26 at the same venue (www.icsiconference.org). Paul Zofnass and several SIAB members and guests presented at the plenary morning session to summarize and discuss the insights of the Wednesday ZPH Workshop.

The program available at this link: ZPH Workshop digital program

Nov 17 2017 Zofnass Program

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