February 2020 Gund Hall Exhibit


This CDLI exhibit, which took place in the first floor gallery space in Gund Hall during February 2020, focused on how art and cultural programming can help create inclusive, democratic, and vibrant public spaces in otherwise unequal urban and regional contexts. The exhibit highlighted the work of the Place Leadership Network, a joint initiative of CDLI and The Boston Foundation, to support eight Greater Boston organizations in their efforts to represent community interest in the design and activation of shared spaces.  

The opening of our exhibit was delayed as CDLI student researchers participated in the HGSU-UAW Student Worker Strike for a fair contract. An interim installation about HGSU-UAW and the strike held the space for the two weeks prior to the exhibit. This was in part to affirm the values and principles of labor organizing and celebrate the involvement of our student workers in the strike. For CDLI, this was an integral part of our larger work of making visible the unseen labor that makes places alive, possible, and whole–including that of community-based leaders and residents.


November 2019 Pecha Kucha

In the Fall of 2019, CDLI hosted a Pecha Kucha at the Graduate School of Design. Intentionally filled with fast paced and image heavy presentations, the event highlighted community-engaged planning and design projects from across the school. Students, professors and practitioners shared their community-engaged research, design projects, and personal theories of practice. The Pecha Kucha celebrated and learned from collaborative projects that came from Boston neighborhoods, the GSD classroom, personal and professional experiences alike.