Just Don’t! Common Pitfalls of Equity Practice and How to Avoid Them

This tool from CDLI (published in 2020) addresses common pitfalls of equity practice. As two women BIPOC urban planners from community organizing backgrounds, Lily Song and Allentza Michel noticed increasing attention and resources devoted to issues of “equity” by decision makers and funders with less thought given to critical debate and reflective practice. They created “Just don’t! Common pitfalls of equity practice and how to avoid them” as a challenge to themselves and fellow planning and design professionals to do better– by actively confronting and learning from tensions and conflicts in our work.


Download the zine here, or the two page version for screens here.


Design Studio First Aid Kit

Design Studio First Aid Kit is a starter set of Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? questions to guide efforts to combat white supremacy and intersecting oppressions within the design studio. This 2020 CDLI project by Dr. Lily Song was informed by teaching and learning experiences from GSD studios and workshops as well as conversations with fellow designers, planners, organizers and activists.


Download the full zine here: CoDesignFirstAidKit_Zine

Or the two-page document for screens here: DesignStudioFirstAidKit