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Gund 522


Gund 522 is part of a multi-year project to develop a technology-rich space for teaching and learning both at the GSD and across Harvard. It is funded through the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT).  In Fall of 2013, the GSD seminar Design Learning Workshop examined histories and theories of design education, observed contemporary design education in a variety of disciplinary settings (both within and outside of the GSD), and worked in collaboration with these courses to prototype new design-centric learning technologies and environments. Throughout the academic year, 522 had a range of uses, including semester-long course meetings and one-off events. Involvement included GSD studios and workshops, History Design Studio sections, metaLAB Humanities Studios, the Harvard Dance Program, and a number of other groups across campus.

For an account of activity in its first years, please see a report of preliminary findings and projective questions.

The space offers a number of physical and technological affordances to support design-based learning and teaching:

  • Flexible furniture. Tables and chairs are easily moved and stacked, adapting to different modes of teaching and working.
  • Multiple displays and Inputs. Monitors include the triptych, a wall projector, landscape and portrait oriented TVs, and a floor-directed projector. Each can be used individually; alternately, users can coordinate content across displays using Mezzanine, a content management and collaboration platform. In addition to a web interface, content can be controlled gesturally with handheld wands. ANY HDMI producing device — laptop, tablet, camera, etc — can be connected, up to 3 simultaneously by HDMI cables; upo to 10 more devices can connect wirelessly.
  • Built-in CISCO HD Videoconferencing for bringing in outsiders to your collaboration, including multiple guests, through teh BlueJeans web-meeting interface.
  • Ceiling frame on which you can hang models and mount individual hardware components (e.g. cameras, camcorders, speakers, lighting, models, etc).
  • Rolling panels that can be used for pinups, space dividers, etc.
  • See more

Additionally, see a list of equipment and resources for use.

Reservations: The room is regularly booked for studio courses and other classes and seminars, and can be reserved through the GSD’s SERT room-booking system. If you are an instructor, thesis student, or other Harvard community member interested in booking the room for one of these sessions, or have questions, please send us an email.



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