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Rules & Eligibility


Who can participate?

Submissions are welcomed and encouraged from all infrastructure projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Located at an IDB borrowing member country in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Be at least at 70% completion of construction works, or in operation during the past three years;
  • Have an asset value of at least US $30 million;
  • Be a private sector project or a public private partnership (PPP), with at least 51% equity owned by a private sector entity;
  • Belong to the following categories: Energy; Transportation; Water; Waste; and Telecommunications;

Projects selected as finalists in previous years are ineligible for consideration for a period of three (3) years following their selection. After the three year period, finalists may only re-apply to the Infrastructure 360° Awards after demonstrating a significant improvement of their sustainability performance, by inclusion of the Harvard Zofnass recommendations or other similar efforts. Re-admittance into the Awards will be determined by the Harvard Zofnass program.


What are the awards?

The initiatives that win will receive a commemorative plaque, which recognizes them as the most sustainable Infrastructure projects in Latin America. Pre-qualified project developers will benefit from a detailed analysis summarized in a white paper to be prepared by the Harvard Zofnass Program team of experts. The Infrastructure 360° Awards will be highly visible and will be promoted through the various IDB communication channels.


What are the categories?

The award categories are the following: People and Leadership Award, Climate and Environment Award, and Infrastructure 360° Award. For further details please visit the Categories section.


Can the same project be nominated in more than one category?



Can the same project win more than one category award?



Is it possible to submit proposals for projects that were submitted in the previous year?

Yes, previous year’s entrants who still qualify can submit projects again. To repeat – pure concepts or unproven designs are not eligible. Long-term sustainability in terms of operations and maintenance are of particular interest. There are no project size restrictions.


In what language can the nominations be submitted?

The initiatives may be nominated in Spanish, Portuguese, French or English.


What factors will be taken into account?

The factors are set out in the Zofnass Program for Infrastructure Sustainability at the Harvard Graduate school of Design Envision Rating System. Zofnass Program has developed an online self-evaluation tool where project owners can evaluate and submit their infrastructure project. Download instructions for the tool here


Can I start the application process be saved and finish the process at a different point in time?

The assessment tool automatically saves the information as one participant completes the process. However, we strongly recommend project owners to print and review the self-evaluation checklist so participants can be familiar with the tool and collect the necessary information before submission.


How are the awards decided?

Each project is submitted online through an on-line self-evaluation tool developed by the Harvard/Zofnass Program. 12 finalists will be selected from the pool of submitted projects. These 12 finalists will have to submit additional project documents and materials that substantiate the responses provided through the on-line tool. A Harvard/Zofnass team of specialists will review the project materials and perform a white paper assessment of the project. The Selection committee, made up of world-renowned experts, will then choose the 3 best initiatives in each category. Afterwards, the Awards committee will choose one winner from each category.


Who is able to submit a project?

The Private or PPP infrastructure project’s top management or shareholders with access to information on the design, engineering, technology, construction, operation and maintenance of the project.


Where and when will the Infrastructure 360° Awards be handed out?

The award ceremony will be taking place each year at the IADB Annual Meetings.