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Cerro Dominador Solar Plant

Cerro Dominador Solar Plant

Climate and Environment Award

  • Author: Zofnass Program
  • Date Posted: 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Calama, CHILE

Research director:

Dr. Andreas Georgoulias


Research core team:

Cristina Contreras, ENV-SP

Judith Rodriguez, ENV-SP


Case study written by:

Cristina Contreras, Research Associate, Core team



Jiyoo Jye, MDess Art, Design, Public Domain 16′

Maria Arrasate, MDesS Risk and Relience 15′

US $1,100 million investment

110 MW250 meters solar tower

10,600 mirrors

643,000 tons of CO2 emissions reduction

Cerro Dominador, a concentrated solar power plant, is located in a rural area 60 km from the city of Calama in Chile. It is considered a non-conventional renewable project, and will represent one of the most innovative projects in Latin America due to its capacity to generate electricity 24 hours a day. The project consists of a 250 meters solar tower and 10,600 mirrors, all reflecting to a single point in the tower. It will generate 110MW while removing 643,000 tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere per year. The project will promote renewable energies development in Chile as well as the reduction of GHG and other pollutants associated with conventional power generation. Cerro Dominador also plays an important role in the communities’ development and in the socioeconomic revival of the area, as it is considered a catalyst for technological innovation in the region creating multiple direct and indirect jobs.