Jack Alvarenga headshot in black and white.

Jack Alvarenga is a materials science and engineering staff scientist in the Biomineralization and Biomimetics Lab lead by Professor Joanna Aizenberg at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His research background includes the design, fabrication, and validation of experimental systems for novel material testing, acquired in diverse application areas ranging from anti-fouling coatings, filtration membranes, catalysis, and medical devices. This includes the development of manufacturing and characterization methods required to pave the path of technology de-risking towards commercial viability.

One of his focus areas of research within LDT is the development of bioinspired responsive materials for dynamic detection. To date, this has involved the advancement of materials systems capable of responding to various external environmental stimuli, such as mechanical loads, humidity, temperature, pH, chemical/vapor concentration, liquid surface tension, and oxygen exposure.

Ultimately, he is driven by the search for innovative materials systems that can make an impact beyond the walls of the laboratory, while firmly believing that fundamental and radical materials research will be crucial to addressing several of the issues facing contemporary society, including healthcare, energy efficiency, and sustainability.