ACADIA 2012 – DRG presentations

Student work originally produced for the DRG advanced fabrication course ‘Material Processes and Systems: CeramicsLAb” (taught by Martin Bechthold and Nathan King) will be prominently featured at this year’s ACADIA conference on Synthetic Digital Ecologies. Aurgho Jyoti, Stefano Andreani, Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo (all MDesS 2013) are presenting their project “Flowing Matter: Robotic Fabrication of Ceramic Systems – Explorations in Geometry and Material”. Matias Imbern, Qi Su (both MDesS 2013) and Felix Raspall (DDeS 2014) are presenting “Tectonic Tessellations: A Digital Approach to Ceramic Structural Surfaces”. Both projects were sponsored by ASCER Tile of Spain.