ALivE Exhibition @ Invivia

Adaptive Living Environments (ALivE) is now preparing an exhibition of ongoing projects scheduled to open from October 15 to November 6.

ALivE is a unique multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University’s Adaptive Material Technologies platform and several research groups at the Harvard Graduate School of Design: the Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab and the Material Processes and Systems Group. The research team jointly develops novel adaptive material systems that respond to environmental conditions and user input. These systems act both passively and actively to spatially, functionally, and experientially augment built environments. ALivE’s simultaneous mission is to develop a new model for design-science collaboration at Harvard, leveraging the opportunities afforded by the tight integration of applied, end-user-aware research methods with technology development.

Access to the exhibition is by invitation only.

Fluidic Display