Protoceramics: Tile Tectonics

The Protoceramics Exhibition is on display in Valencia, marking the third contribution of MaP+S to the Cevisama. Working with thin and extremely large format tiles MaP+S reimagined tiles by proposing new material formation that lend the thin material structural properties through cutting, folding, and bending.

Protoceramics 5
Overview with floor-based graphics and catalogues.
Protoceramics 2
CNC Cut Prototype
Protoceramics 3
Cold-bent Prototype
Protoceramics 1 Folded Prototype
Protoceramics 6


Prof. Martin Bechthold, Felix Raspall Galli, Mariano Gomez Luque, Pablo Roquero, Felix Amtsberg (TU Graz Institute for Structural Design), Kevin Hinz, Amanda Lee, Puja Patel, Zach Seibold, Malika Singh, Tiffany Cheng, Allison Cottle

Construction: Grupo on Market

We would like to thank ASCER Tile of Spain and Cevisama Valen­cia 2015 for their support. Special thanks also to Javier Mira from ITC.