Mixed-Reality Interaction Design


Coexisting Cryptoscopes: A Mixed-Reality Installation Exploring Cross-Space Interactions

GSD VIS-2314: Responsive Environments: Poetics of Space (Spring 2021-22)
Students: Nix Liu Xin (MDes Mediums ’23), Aria Xiying Bao (MDes Mediums ’23), Davide Zhang (MDes Mediums + MArch I ’24)
Faculty: Allen Sayegh, Humbi Song

Project Statement:

The project proposes a mixed-reality installation that explores different realities and cross-space interactions. The viewer perceives a perspective-calibrated reality inside the physical screen and is able to interact with it through a flashlight. The light crosses the threshold between the two realities and shines into the virtual space, lighting up the growing tree.

This project is situated in a long lineage of research work on seeing 3D objects through screens. Acknowledging the paradigm shift brought by pioneering work in computer graphics, we referenced recent work exploring interactions for naked-eye stereoscopic displays and holographic displays, such as the ray-casting-based interactions by Egawa, Qiu, and Ijiri, and interactions with a cubic 3D display by Lam and others.

Commercially, companies like Looking Glass Factory have been developing stereoscopic displays aimed for mass adoption. While the hardware is iterating fast, research on 3D display interactions in the context of Extended Reality is limited at this moment and we see opportunities in exploring multi-modal mixed reality interactions combining both headsets and 3D displays.