Mirage X: Landscape Gamification

Responsive Environments: Bergamo eMotion, Spring 2016, Harvard GSD
Teachers: Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani
Students: Amir Karimpour, Qi Xiong

We are using the frame as a platform to “gamify” the surrounding environment. To gamify it would mean that looking through these frames it would activate the environment around you but instead of giving you boring information such as your calendar or your health rate – it would provide some information (whatever format it may be) that would reveal something that you otherwise could not have seen/predicted without our product.

The use of narrative scenarios will be used to begin to show the concept of nostalgia played out in the future of transportation. Things that you feel, miss or long for as will be recognized by the technology around you and will begin to create feelings of “deja vu” or feelings of longing in your travels. These changes will be subtle and come int he form of “mirages,” where they change your landscape very little but have quite a large and often strange impact. This will make contemplation on your travels much more engaging, as people do contemplate out the frame of the window today, through the use of the mirage this will become much more nuanced.


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