On Flying

The Toolkit of Tactics That Guide Passenger Perception
Book Publication, 2020


On Flying: The Toolkit of Tactics That Guide Passenger Perception is a book cataloging the toolkit of tactics deployed by airports and airlines to guide passengers, in order to rethink how to design the human experience of air travel.  

It catalogs a range of artifacts that passengers interact with during air travel: 1) documenting the design decisions embedded within them, 2) identifying their impact on passenger perception, and 3) speculating on alternative scenarios for design and passenger interaction.

Our goal is to facilitate a rethinking of how to design objects, spaces, and systems by putting the human experience at the forefront.

An important ambition of the guide is to improve understanding of the air travel passenger experience. It approaches this complex process through careful, focused study of the specific artifacts and processes that passengers engage with during air travel, using the resultant catalog of artifacts to document broad themes in the contemporary air travel experience and identify opportunities for design intervention embedded within.

A companion website for this publication can be found at www.airtraveldesign.guide.

Read the full article from Mark Hooper at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design: https://www.gsd.harvard.edu/2021/01/the-future-of-air-travel%e2%80%a8/


Research and Design Team: Allen Sayegh, Humbi Song, Zach Seibold, Isa He, Oliver Luo, Jan Kwan, Dann Spann



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