Wang’s Article Published in Multimedia Strategy Vol. 2 by Asia Cultural Content Exchange Institute

Commissioned by the Asia Cultural Content Exchange Institute and published by The Shanghai Art Publishing Company, the book Multimedia Strategy Vol. 2 features an article by Bing Wang, Associate Professor in Practice of Real Estate and the Built Environment, entitled “Reexamining Modernity and the Modern Chinese Architectural Profession.” Wang’s article, included in the book in three different languages, i.e. Chinese, English and Korean, systematically probes the evolutionary trajectory of the architectural profession via a cultural mosaic of historical, economic and political lenses in the context of China’s modernization.

The Multimedia Strategy Vol. 2 publication presents a series of curated collections of articles from multinational leaders in academia and the design industry of China, Japan and South Korea, highlighting the multifaceted nexus of design, technology and media that are emerging within the transforming East Asian cultures.