Harvard Real Estate Conference 2016 Examines Disruptive Entrepreneurship in the Real Estate Realm

On October 13th, the third annual Harvard Real Estate Conference took place at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), and presented a vibrant panel discussion on this year’s timely topic–Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Transforming The Real Estate Realm. It brought together six distinguished leaders and disruptors in the real estate industry, from investment companies to fin-tech enterprises, in order to unravel and dissect today’s dialect between “disruptors” and “disruptees.”

From Europe to North America, speakers were gathered across the globe to include Todd Eagle, Managing Director of  Goldman Sachs; Matthias Lücker, Chairman of FREO; Jean Romain, Former Co-Head of Colony Capital; Imdat As, CEO and Co-Founder of Arcbazar; Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO and Co-Founder of BrickVest; and Marc Rutzen, Co-Founder and CTO of Enodo Score.

Organized by MDes Real Estate and the Built Environment (REBE), the graduate degree program at Harvard University, Prof. Dr. Bing Wang, the faculty Director of MDes REBE began with opening remarks and welcomed the conference speakers. She, later joined by Prof. Frank Apeseche, moderated discussions to invite the speakers to identify opportunities and challenges within the established real estate realm and to explore and predict transformative industry trajectories and possibilities in real estate practice that are ripe for future disruption.

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