The GSD MDes REAL ESTATE and the BUILT ENVIRONMENT Program (“REBE Program”) prepares graduates for professional and academic careers in real estate and the built environment as thought leaders and as decision-makers in real estate development, investment, construction and financing of increasingly complex environments and future cities. The Program is anchored by the belief that economic, aesthetic, and sustainable real estate values are created through a thoughtful process to confront, harness and integrate building form, typology, design thinking, financing innovation and development. Rather than address and teach real estate finance and investment skills as a standalone mechanical process, this Program also incorporates design and the overall built environment as key pedagogical focuses, examining the immanent interconnection and value each component dynamically adds to the other.


The GSD MDes Real Estate and the Built Environment Program is distinguished by three pedagogical and program pillars:


Design Focus: Creativity in Real Estate


A. Housed within a design school, the Program embraces an in-depth understanding of building form and structure anatomy as well as the overall urban context, thereby empowering students with new perspectives and a more holistic outlook for value creation and economic thinking throughout the cycle of design, development, construction, and investment. As a consequence, students are better prepared to navigate the economic, physical, environmental and societal as well as political connections to complex built projects.

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