Real estate-related courses are listed below. These classes are offered at the Harvard GSD, other schools within Harvard University, and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. You may search and sort the table. Please note that course offerings often change, and new courses may be offered while some regular courses may not be offered each year. Thus, this list is subject to change as well as the availability of courses.

The schools are designated by the following acronyms:

GSD – Harvard Graduate School of Design
HBS – Harvard Business School
HKS – John F. Kennedy School of Government
HLS – Harvard Law School
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The courses are divided into three broad categories. 
For MDes degree required courses, please see GSD REBE requirements page.

Physical Design & Construction (PHY) – courses related to issues of design, construction, project management, sustainability, and the study of real estate typologies.
Finance & Deal Structuring (FIN) – courses related to financial analysis, capital markets, negotiation, entrepreneurship, leadership, law, and real estate organizations.
Urban Analysis (URB) – courses related to the study of the built environment, urban planning, politics, market analysis, and economics.



Students are subject to limited enrollment caps for courses offered both at the GSD and for cross-registration. For courses of limited enrollments, it is up to the instructor’s discretion on enrollment decisions. Each course title is linked to its specific website, which provides further details. However, please always check my.harvard website for specific information about each course. Listings are subject to change.

Academic course requirements for degrees are available on the GSD MDes website. Cross-registration policies, including grade and credit conversions, are available at the GSD Registrar office. For official REBE degree, check details with GSD Registrar and MDes Administration Office. 

CategoryCourse TitleSchoolTermTypeInstructor(s) Required
URBAnalytic Methods of Urban Planning: QuantitativeGSDFallModuleHooper
URBAnalytic Methods: QualitativeGSDFallModuleForsyth
FINReal Estate Finance and DevelopmentGSDFallSemesterPeiserHamilton*
PHYForm + Finance: the Design of Real EstateGSDFallSemesterWangGamble*
PHY Global Leadership in Real Estate and DesignGSDFallSemesterWang* not offered in 2018/19
URBReal Estate and City Making in ChinaGSDFallSemesterWang
URBMarket Analysis and Urban EconomicsGSDSprSemesterTorto*
PHYEnvironment, Economics and EnterpriseGSDSprSemesterSamuelsonApeseche
URBHousing and Urbanization in the United StatesGSDFallSemesterStockardMolinsky
URBPublic and Private DevelopmentGSDSprSemesterKayden*
URBLand Use and Environmental LawGSDFallSemesterKayden
PHYBuilding and Leading Real Estate Enterprises and EntrepreneurshipGSDSprModuleApeseche
FINAdvanced Real Estate FinanceGSDSprModuleApeseche
PHYField Studies in Real Estate, Planning & Urban DesignGSDFallSemesterPeiser
FINCreating Real Estate Ventures: a Legal PerspectiveGSDSprSemesterHaroz*
FINAffordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Finance and ManagementGSDSprSemesterMarchant
URBTransportation Planning and DevelopmentGSDSprSemesterSchimek
PHYSustainable Real EstateGSDFallSemesterKeenan
FINVenture Capital and Private EquityHBSSprSemesterLietz
FINReal Estate in Frontier MarketsHBSSprModuleSegelCharvel
FINReal Estate Private EquityHBSSprSemesterLietz
FINReal PropertyHBSFallSemesterSegel
PHYBuilding Cities: Infrastructure and SustainabilityHBSSprModuleMacomber
FINNegotiation AnalysisHKSSprModuleHong
FINNegotiating Across DifferencesHKSFallModuleHong
URBMarkets and Market Failure with CasesHKSFallSemesterNichols
URBPolicy Analysis and Design for Sustainable DevelopmentHKSFallSemesterClark
URBUrban Politics, Planning, and DevelopmentHKSSprSemesterMayne
FINNegotiating Across DifferencesHKSSprModuleHong
URBPolicymaking in Urban SettingsHKSFallSemesterCarras
FINNegotiation AnalysisHKSFallModuleHong
FINAdvanced Risk Management and Infrastructure FinanceHKSFallSemesterDeep
FINProperty 7HLSSprSemesterMackGlendon
FINProperty 3HLSFallSemesterSingerMann
URBLocal Government LawHLSSprSemesterFrug
FINReal Estate LawHLSSprSemesterMechanic