Visiting Scholars


2017 Visiting Scholar

Yilak Akloweg

Yilak Akloweg is a visiting scholar with TUT-POL. He is comparing successful BRT implementation in our case study cities (Mexico City and Seoul) with Addis Ababa, as well exploring city-regional development in multi-ethnic political systems through the vehicular/instrumental role of transport governance and leadership. He is a Coordinator to an urban think tank that has been working with the mayor of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in order to help the office make informed decisions on many aspects of urban challenges. He was also a National Coordinator for Bloomberg Global Initiative for Road Safety/Addis Ababa.


2016 Visiting Scholar

Alexander Paulsson

Alexander Paulsson was a 2016 Visiting Scholar with TUT-POL. He is a post doc at the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport and Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, where he works in a research project on how collaborative governance processes can advance sustainable urban public transport policies. While at Harvard, Paulsson investigated mobility and equity with a specific lens towards Stockholm and San Francisco, two TUT-POL case study cities.