Year 2

2015 - 2016

  • 2015

    Design Elements

    From March to December 2015, the lab reviewed architecturally interesting Waste-to-Energy facilities (precedent analysis), to determine more general design opportunities and methods. These ongoing work used in the Architecture of Waste courses

  • 2016


    During fall 2015, we led a Waste-to-Energy seminar for Harvard Graduate School of Design students. During spring 2016, we are conducting a graduate architecture studio course, where students are able to design new and innovative models for waste-to-energy facilities.

  • 2016

    Design Speculations and Hybrids

    We will use research, case studies, and design work from the Architecture of Waste courses to create some innovative architectural models and speculations for Waste-to-Energy facilities.

  • 2016

    Beginning Book Production

    Throughout the three years of the project, we have been writing a book on Waste-to-Energy, and the role architecture can play in designing these industrial buildings. From February 2016 and continuing into Year 3 of the project, we are finalizing and editing book contents and layout.