ARTICLE: The Missing Link: Architecture and Waste Management


The Waste-to-Energy Design Lab has been published in Harvard Design Magazine no. 40, titled Well, Well, Well. The Spring/Summer 2015 issue includes the article The Missing Link: Architecture and Waste Management, written by Andreas Georgoulias with Leire Asensio Villoria and Hanif Kara. The essay makes a case for the involvement of architects in the design of waste-to-energy and other waste management facilities, as part of a broader argument for new policies and regulations that make landfilling less financially attractive.c4_hdm40

“By being part of the project team from the start, architects can engage with project stakeholders and point out key social concerns. Such qualitative aspects of a project are typically neglected, but can lead to new opportunities or help avoid problems that may manifest later on. Throughout the process, solid design can address social and environmental dimensions, mending them with proven solutions and innovative design. As such, architects’ contributions enhance or merge efficient waste-processing technologies with landscape design, housing, recreation, and leisure. Not all architects will succeed in this integrative approach, and not all projects are suited for it. But for those projects that have such potential, architecture embodies opportunity.”


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