Zofnass Program Workshop: Making the Business Case for Planning Sustainable Infrastructure



Making the Business Case for Planning Sustainable Infrastructure

Date: Monday & Tuesday, March 19-20, 2018
Location: Harvard University

The Harvard University Zofnass Program Workshop is dedicated to continue discussing ongoing research on the Business Case for Sustainability. Sustainable infrastructure is recognized as an investment and business driver. Under the theme of planning sustainable infrastructure, this workshop aims to explore the main issues in making the business case for planning sustainable infrastructure as identified in the literature review and case studies:

  • Identify emerging themes and novel concepts on the business case for sustainable infrastructure as presented by different stakeholders
  • Expand on the main arguments on decision-making process towards sustainable infrastructure, through stakeholder perspectives
  • Discuss sustainability as the key business driver, creating value beyond corporate social responsibility agendas
  • Identify challenges and barriers

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Mar 19 2018 Zofnass Program

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