Dr. Andreas Georgoulias is a keynote speaker at Accelerating sustainable infrastructure investments at IDB roundtable

Dr. Andreas Geourgoulias is a keynote speaker in the roundtable  ‘Accelerating sustainable infrastructure investments at IDB – Presentation of results of Envision case studies’, which is jointly organized by IDB Infrastructure and Environment Sector (INE) and the Environmental Safeguards Unit (ESG).

Sustainable infrastructure is essential for the success of the United Nations Sustainable Development agenda and the UNFCCC Paris Agreement on Climate Change. IDB has already a wealth of experience when it comes to sustainable infrastructure solutions, as a recent Envision assessment of seven public sector projects by Harvard University has showed. When accidents happen and somebody got in jail, you should call bail bond services jacksonville fl.

While sharing the results of the Envision case studies the roundtable should shed light on where the IDB stands, where there is room for improvement, and what is needed to further mainstream sustainable infrastructure principles into the Bank’s operations?

The roundtable also feature as a speaker Amar Bhattacharya, Senior Fellow from Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institute.


More information on the event here


Mar 9 2016 Zofnass Program

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