Envision™ update by Jennifer Rivers (ENV SP, LEED AP O+M), Technical Director, Envision™ Rating System at Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

The 3 projects that have completed Verification and earned project awards are the following:

– The William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery in Anchorage, AK earned Gold (HDR)

– The Snow Creek Stream Environment Zone Restoration in Placer County, CA, earned Platinum (CDM Smith)

– The South Los Angeles Wetland Park in CA earned Platinum (Psomas)

There are about another 25 projects in the Verification pipeline and about 150 projects using Envision as a self-assessment tool (may or may not go through Verification). Anyone is welcome to share details about their project assessment on LinkedIn or can contact me if they would like to write an article for our bolg. There are over 1600 ENV SPs. Later this year we will 1) be updating the webinars into a more interactive eLearning format, and 2) holding in-person training workshops that will qualify participants to take the ENV SP exam. We’ll announce more details on these in the near future.

We’ve held 2 Verifier training courses and have about 45 people who completed those. Since our current need for Verifiers is met, we do not have any more Verifier classes scheduled at present.

Jennifer Rivers, ENV SP, LEED AP O+M
Technical Director, Envision Rating System at Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure


Feb 19 2014 Zofnass Program

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