Forthcoming Zofnass Program Workshop: Innovations for a Sustainable Infrastructure. Nov. 12-13

The Zofnass Program is happy to announce the upcoming workshop on November 12 – 13, 2018 at Harvard University: Innovations for a Sustainable Infrastructure.

Innovations for sustainable and resilient infrastructure are disrupting the business as usual approach to infrastructure. The focus of the ZPH Workshop is to discuss what are the key innovations addressing environmental challenges and driving sustainable projects on all phases of infrastructure development: planning & financing, construction, and operation & maintenance. The different panels explore the role of stakeholders in disruptive projects, and how are these innovative solutions financed and developed.

The workshop is structured into the following panels: 1) Integration and Synergies; HBS Case Study Session; 2) Disruptive Technologies as a Push Forward; 3) Digital Modeling and Simulations in the Service of Sustainability; 4) Innovation through Procurement; 5) Rebuilding Water Systems in Puerto Rico after Maria: thinking out of the box?; 6) This Disruptive Technologies. Smart Cities Integration to ensure sustainability.

More information about the event and panels at this link.





Oct 2 2018 Zofnass Program

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