ZPH Session on Nature and Health: Green Indoor Infrastructure, April 9 at 11 am EDT

Please join our upcoming virtual session: Nature and Health. Green Indoor Infrastructure on Friday, April 9th from 11 am to 12:30 pm EST (8 am to 9:30 am PST).The session will be moderated by Prof. Charles Waldheim, GSD, with presentations by Jie Yin from HSPH, Heather Greene from Stantec, and Bill Browning from Terrapin Bright Green.

Our research at the Zofnass Program is founded on the principle that buildings are clients and servers to the infrastructure systems, forming an integrated city system of systems. We have applied this concept to energy, water, transport, solid waste, food. This workshop links the landscape infrastructure to the interior of the buildings being an integral part of the city’s landscape infrastructure.

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More details about the session and speaker bios at the session’s webpage: https://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/menu/events/forthcoming/green-indoor-infrastructure




Mar 26 2021 Zofnass Program

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