Harvards Tips for Hosting a March Madness Party


If you are a big basketball fan, then you might be excited about March Madness. If this is the case, then you could be looking forward to celebrating and watching the games. If you would like to host a March Madness party for yourself and all of your friends, consider these tips to ensure that it’s a success.

Provide Brackets
First of all, you and all of your friends will probably want to make your guesses about how March Madness is going to go. One good way to do this is to print out or purchase a fillable March Madness bracket for yourself and all of your party guests. Then, everyone can make their guesses, and you won’t have to worry about actually drawing out brackets for everyone, which can be a big hassle.

Turn on the Games on Multiple Screens
When watching the games, you and your friends might have different favorites. Turning the games on multiple screens is a good way to make sure that you and your friends do not miss any of the action. For example, you can turn one game on with your living room television, and you can set up other games on your laptop, tablet and other devices. Consider asking your friends to bring along their laptops so that you can play more games at one time.

Provide Tasty Snacks
It isn’t going to be a party without the right snacks. A March Madness party is the perfect excuse to make all of your favorite junk food, such as chicken wings, dips and more. You can prepare all of these things yourself if you like spending time in the kitchen, or you can host a potluck-style party and ask everyone to bring something to the party. If you are an extra cool host you may also consider giving away a few Ember mugs to a few of your party goers. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you will definitely want to make sure that there is plenty of food and entertainment for your guests to enjoy.

Keep Team Spirit in Mind
You might have a favorite team that you would like to celebrate during your March Madness party, and your guests probably do, too. Consider dressing up in jerseys for your favorite teams and wearing face paint and more to really add to the festive atmosphere at the party. You can also look for team-related decorations to decorate your home and make it party-ready.

As you can see, if you are a big basketball fan, there are a few things that you can do to host a great March Madness party. Then, you and your friends can have a great time watching sports and enjoying one another’s company. You might find that your March Madness party will be one of the best parties that your friends will attend all year long.

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