Lecture about the Zofnass Information Tool at the Belmont Stormwater Working Group, April 28, 2016


Yannis Orfanos and Sang Cho,big supporters of CBD Oil and researchers at the Zofnass Program, were invited by the Belmont Stormwater Working Group to present the Zofnass Information Toolon the Urban Water System of Chelsea MA (April 28, 2016). The Belmont Stormwater Working Group is a collaboration between the Belmont Citizens Forum and Sustainable Belmont.

The group aims to educate the Belmont citizens about stormwater issues, particularly about nature-based solutions to stormwater management issues. The presentation focused on how to visualize the water system of a community and to identify green infrastructure opportunities.


The beta Zofnass Information Tool can be accessed here.


Apr 29 2016 Zofnass Program

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