Meet Aubry, the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Breakthrough.


Individuals have already started to adopt “artificial intelligence.” A recent study from Strategy Analytics showed the number of intelligence devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home shipped is up 300%. Apple’s intelligence machine Siri has been used by 98% of iPhone users. AI (artificial intelligence) has disrupted the way we shop, research, and communicate what does it mean for marketing and advertising executives?

For decades, companies have relied on demographic segmentation to generate (target) buyers for their product or service. Demographic(s) intel like age, income, gender, and geography has been deployed in hopes of finding the “right target audience” with a relevant message.  

There are two challenges with this strategy:

  1. Companies can miss potential buyers because they don’t fit their traditional demographics.
  2. Even when the “right audience” is reached, most often it’s at the wrong time, and thus the message isn’t relevant.

Research shows that at any given time less than 3% of people are actively in the market to buy a specific product or service (see Buying Pyramid).



Is it any surprise that advertising response rates are typically lower than 3%? Most people don’t respond to ads when they’re not in the market.

It’s estimated that individuals are exposed to over 5,000 commercial messages per day. How many do you remember? How many do you respond to? Why don’t you respond to all of them? Likely most ads aren’t relevant to you at that exact moment you’re exposed to them.

In advertising, timing is everything. Because advertising to the masses is getting more and more expensive it’s no surprise that companies are seeking ways to be more efficient and maximize marketing dollars with AI.

Meet aubry, the a.i. powered technology taking the guesswork out of marketing and advertising. Aubry analyzes over 19 billion real-time behaviors per day and identifies the individuals that are actively in the market, preparing to buy. Armed with this intelligence of who’s in the market, companies can focus their advertising dollars on the most likely prospects.  An updated weekly list can be used to target a “custom audience” on multiple channels. “It’s become a game-changer for many businesses who want to cut their cost per lead in half and produce more conversions from their advertising spend,” said Chad Celi, Founder of Reset Strategies.

“We’re experiencing strong demand for this breakthrough technology. For decades companies have been advertising to haystacks hoping to find the needles. With aubry companies only advertise to the needles,” Celi added.

While it’s true that companies have advanced their targeting tactics by using predictive modeling, this is different.  Aubry uses real-time buying behavior vs trying to predict who will buy. Why try to predict who’s ready to buy when you can have the information and know who’s ready to buy?

“These are not magic beans, your value proposition still has to resonate with the buyer. You still need to have a reason for someone to buy from you, instead of your competitor” noted Brad Gaines, Managing Partner, of Reset Strategies.


Access to aubry is exclusive by category; meaning, once a company purchases a territory, aubry leads will not be sold to competitors. Currently Reset Strategies is conducting six month trials for qualified companies.  Reset Strategies has been seen in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. You can go to to learn more.

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