Take Legal Action Against Drug Companies

If you have taken Xarelto a medication that was approved by the Federal Drug Administration, chances are you may have been exposed to serious health risks. You may have increased your chances of having a stroke from this medication. This drug is a blood thinner that was prescribed by physicians to stop the formation of blood clots. These patients were already recuperating from heart surgery, knee or hip replacements, strokes and atrial fibrillation. You should contact an attorney about the xarelto lawsuit 2018 to see if you have a lawsuit against the manufactures of this drug.

Xarelto was given to patients as a replacement for a drug called Warfarin. This drug was inconvenient for many patients because they needed to change their lifestyles and diets to be a recipient. It also required them to be constantly monitored by a doctor and make frequent trips to a medical facility. When given an alternative, patients preferred the Xarelto and Pradaxa combination because they did not have to make any lifestyle changes. This drug is a selective inhibitor and stops free Factor Xa and prothrombinase active from forming and does not allow blood to clot. 

Since Johnson Johnson, Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceutical Company are the makers of this drug they are being held liable for the injuries and deaths that it has caused. They did not specify the dangerous side effects of this drug that include uncontrollable bleeding that can lead to death. Before putting the medication in the hands of physicians that would prescribe it to patients, the company should have advised medical facilities about the risks. They are being accused of fraud and claiming that their medication was a better choice than the blood thinners that were already being prescribed. 

The physicians that prescribed this medication did not know that it would cause their patients to die. They were unaware of the grave consequences of using this drug. Many people have started to take legal action against the makers of Xarelto and have gotten monetary compensation for their losses. When a family member dies from taking this medication, their next of kin can implement a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. Your family can act and fight for the rights of your deceased loved one with an attorney.

When you or your family member takes Xarelto, they are putting themselves in danger because there is no way to stop bleeding if an injury occurs. The drug is a blood thinner and does not allow platelets to form to stop the excessive loss of blood. This can cause the wrongful death of patients and result in a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. This medication does not respond to dialysis and stays in the body. The prescribed dosage is 20mg once a day and patients can incur serious health risks from consuming this medication. 

When you or someone in your family has been prescribed Xarelto, it is imperative that you contact an attorney. You have a case against the pharmaceutical company if someone was harmed.

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