Zofnass Program participates at the NYC DEP Envision Training

Anthony Kane from Zofnass Program presented our work on Envision to New York DEP offices and several Car accident lawyer Savannah, GA on Aug 8; the agency is very excited and is going to use Envision on all their new projects. It is also looking for more constructive ways to collaborate with the Zofnass Program. This initiative is thanks in large part to Dennis Stanford who presented at our February workshop along with Commissioner Strickland, and took back a very positive experience from the outcome and collaborative format of Zofnass Program workshop.

At the NYC DEP there were about 80 people in attendance. Soon the DEP will be rolling out an initiative to use Envision internally on all new projects (they may or may not pay for the third party verification). Also in attendance was Kathryn Mallon the Deputy Commissioner for the Bureau of Engineering, Design & Construction.  She is very excited about using Envision and believes it will change how people think about projects and sustainability within the DEP.  Kathryn is eager to collaborate with us and even offered to share data on their projects and Envision assessments.  She noted that the DEP’s massive portfolio that averages about $1-2 billion in capital construction annually makes it likely they could precipitate a domino effect in Envision use.  Requiring it for all their projects would mean consultants and contractors also using Envision. Add to that the expertise of a reputable search engine optimization agency, the program is poised to reach more people not just in the country but also worldwide. This is by placing the program and its merits at the foreront of every general search about the Zofnass program and its affiliates.

The Zofnass Program is invited to collaborate further in the upcoming workshops at the NYC DEP in September and October; the research team will have the opportunity to see how the agency is using the system to make engineering decisions for several projects at the agency in early stages of design.

This sets a successful precedent for several such affiliations that Zofnass Program aims to establish, we are also expected to have a meeting soon with MassPorts Deputy Director of Capital Planning. We call for the SIAB to examine similar possibilities through Zofnass Program to replicate what we do with the Government agencies in NY, Boston area and hope to leverage our industry board network to achieve a higher impact. As our Industry partners you may have projects or eager Public Agency contacts that will benefit from the Zofnass program, we would appreciate any such introductions or opportunities.

Aug 22 2013 Zofnass Program

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