ZPH collaboration in the Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality (SUGAR) research project

The Zofnass Program collaborated on the Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality (SUGAR) research with the Cyprus University of Technology and the University of Cyprus, in project funded by the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation. It is part of our focus on sustainable landscape infrastructure, addressing social issues. The project aims were the development of innovative best-practice protocols and guidelines for public participation.

The ZPH team engaged in the development of the framework, the tool application, and workshops in Cyprus and in Cambridge. One of the project deliverables was the development of an CT application using innovative immersive technologies, particularly Augmented Reality (AR) to expand and enable meaningful public participation in the decision-making processes concern the urban built environment. This tool proposes to upgrade business-as-usual practices by the planning authorities in the Cypriot context, which consist of complex form filling and survey reports that often have little weight towards the decisions made. The research focused on the city of Nicosia in Cyprus.

SUGAR is a research project in urban governance, Augmented Reality (AR) and public participation that aims to develop a Sustainable Urban Governance framework utilising AR, design an ICT solution and implement it through activities in workshops based in Cyprus.

More details at the project website https://sugar.cyprusinteractionlab.com/


Aug 25 2020 Zofnass Program

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