Join us for ZPH Session (September 24 from 11am EST) Designing Equitable Green Infrastructure with Mission-based Communities in St. Louis

We cordially invite you to join our upcoming ZPH Session: Designing Equitable Green Infrastructure with Mission-based Communities in St. Louis, MO. The session will be held on September 24 from 11 am to 12:30pm EST and  led by Greenprint Partners, also members of the SIAB. The session will be moderated by Jill Desimini, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Harvard GSD.
This session will introduce the Greenprint Partners model and process of designing equity-centered green infrastructure in collaboration with 12 local mission-based communities in St. Louis, and with support and financial incentives from the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District. Speakers will discuss green infrastructure through a portfolio of projects where equitable siting and collaborative design helps address social, environmental and climatic goals to support vibrant communities while managing rainwater and transforming green spaces to capture stormwater runoff, and preventing pollution to the Mississippi River.
Hope you can join us!
Sep 14 2021 Zofnass Program

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