Kiriform: Novel Deployable Flexures

Kiriform is a patented, simple yet robust mechanism, inspired by Kirigami techniques. Developed by MaP+S researcher Saurabh Mhatre in collaboration with the Bertoldi group, Kiriform allows for axisymmetric sheet assemblies to transform from 2D to 3D shapes through a carefully engineered buckling of curvilinear struts or fins. Multiple layers of shaped fins can be connected such that the rotation of one set of fins (normally created from a single sheet) relative to its neighboring set of fins leads to buckling of both sets in a controlled and repeatable manner such that spherical or near-spherical shapes result. The 3D shape is formed by fins that are flexing and pre-stressed in their curved condition. For many designs, two different types of 3D forms can be created by simply rotating the flat sheets clockwise for the first type of 3D configuration and counterclockwise for the second 3D configuration. Applications from the millimeter to the meter scale are being developed.

Boatti, E., Mhatre S., Dupont, M., Bechthold, M., Bertoldi K. Harnessing buckling of curved beams to design transformable architectures. Proceeding of the ASME  International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Tampa, FL, November 3-9, 2017.

Other papers forthcoming!