DRG invited to RobArch 2012 Workshop

RoboCast Wall ProjectDRG will offer a robot workshop at the 2012 Vienna RobArch conference. Entitled ‘Robotic Casting’ we will explore novel casting methods that take unique advantage of precise robotic movements and joint orientations. Within the space of three days participants will produce an installation for the Vienna conference. Hosted by the TU Graz we will use a workcell with three ABB IRB 140 robots. Visit the RobArch web site.


Prof. Bechthold interviewed by Xinhua News Agency

recycled_bottles_2The Chinese Xinhua News Agency  interviewed Prof. Bechthold for a  TV feature on the topic of sustainable urbanization. The conversation centered on issues of material consumption and opportunities for the creation of closed material flows that replace our currently wasteful pattern where materials are largely land-filled after the useful service life of a building has ended.


Ann Arbor Municipal Center Sculpture

Team: Nathan King, Bob Pavlik

The project involves the fabrication of a series of milled foam molds for use in the casting of a large, permanent sculptural installation at the Ann Arbor Municipal Center. The sculpture, designed by Herbert Dreiseitl-(LOEB ’11), consists of a vertical cast bronze element and a horizontal waterway that together carry water through the site. Provision are made for the molding and casting of these elements at a Michigan foundry. The research explores the translation of hand sketches into digital data for robotic tooling and production. Molds for bronze and concrete castings have being produced on the multiaxis robotic mill.

See the GSD News Note.


Yet another award for Daisho

Acupressure saves a strategic market plan, realizing marketing as part of production. Focus group synchronizes directed marketing, drawing on the experience of western colleagues. The product supports a constructive strategic market plan, drawing on the experience of western colleagues.