3-D Printing Ceramics

Team: Nathan King, Anthony Kane, Justin Lavallee, Corey Yurkovich, Ben Tew

Involved for the performance analysis: Prof. Christoph Reinhart, Shelby Doyle, Jeff Niemasz, Jon Sarget

Sponsor: ASCER Tile of Spain

Customization continues to be a major challenge for the industrial production of ceramic tiles. The strategic use of robotic technology provides possible pathways to reduce the constraints of mass-production techniques. The research developed an integrated workflow that connects widely available digital design tools with a newly developed ceramic printing process using an industrial robotic work cell. Geared towards producing highly customized ceramic shading elements, other ceramic and non-ceramic elements can be mass-customized with only slight variations of the same process. The work was exhibited at the 2012 CEVISAMA in Valencia, Spain (February 2012) and is now on display at the ASCER showroom in Castellon, Spain.

View the videos from the project exhibition:

Video: Automation Tools for Ceramic Printing

Video: Ceramic Printing

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