Grinham Research Group

Harvard University Graduate School of Design


Students and critics at a presentation session for Collaborative Design Engineering Studio II
STU-1232: Collaborative Design Engineering Studio II
Harvard MDE
Detail shot of a mycelium stool
SCI-6126: Materials
Harvard GSD
Solar-powered plastic waste molding device
SCI-6372: Circuits, Circles, and Loops: Towards a Regenerative Architecture
Harvard GSD
Two students playing a boardgame designed for the course: Nano Micro Macro
SCI-6477/ES-291/HAA-177x: Nano Micro Macro: Adaptive Material Laboratory (with SEAS)
Harvard GSD + Harvard SEAS
Origami-shaped robotic device with a circuit board in the middle
SCI-6478/ES-256: Informal Robotics
Harvard GSD + Harvard SEAS
Rendering of a deployable surface creating shelter
SCI-6465: Deployable Surfaces: Dynamic Performance Through Multi-Material Architectures
Harvard GSD

What we do

Grinham Research Group brings an intensely interdisciplinary approach to climate change and the built environment, connecting material science with building science and design to examine questions on materiality, thermal health, and lifecycle carbon emissions.