Grinham Research Group

Harvard University Graduate School of Design


Grinham, J., Alvarenga,J., Lazovskis,P., Aizenberg, J.
“Dehumidification and Water Harvesting Device and Methods for Making the  Same”
US 63/479,825.

Grinham, J., Alvarenga,J.
“Vacuum Reservoir for Membrane Dehumidification”
US 63/289,291 (abandoned)

Grinham, J., Alvarenga,J., Bechthold, M, Aizenberg, J.
“Hydrophobic Barrier Layer for Ceramic Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems”
US 11,890,579, US 11,305,235

Grinham, J., Craig, S. Ingber, D. Bechthold, M.
“Radiant Cooling Devices and Methods of Forming the Same”
US 20200271395, US 11,788, 800

Bechthold, M., Grinham, J. Seibold, Z., Weaver, J.
“Method for Magnetically Controlled Variable Pattern Casting and Related Design Strategies” US 62/746,781 (abandoned)

Selected Publications

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