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Generación Andina Hydropower Project

Generación Andina Hydropower Project


  • Author: Zofnass Program
  • Date Posted: 2016
  • Category:
  • Address: Valley of Monzon, PERU

Research director:

Dr. Andreas Georgoulias


Research core team:

Cristina Contreras, ENV-SP

Judith Rodriguez, ENV-SP


Case study written by:

Kimberly Orrego, Master in Architecture I 17′

Rodrigo Guerra, Master of Architecture in Urban Design 16´

US $60 million investment

Installed capacity 19 MW

Phase: Operation started in January 2016

Sponsor: Union Group and Santander Bank

Generación Andina is one of the first private investments in the valley of Monzón, Peru, a region lacking basic infrastructure which for decades was dominated by illicit drug crops. The project is comprised of two run-of-river hydropower plants with a combined capacity of 27.4 MW, both located on tributaries of the Monzón River, the El Carmen River and the Aucantagua River, in the department of Huánuco. The project team will also build a 138-KV transmission line of approximately 60 km in length to connect the plants to the national grid. El Carmen hydroelectric plant, with an installed capacity of 8.4 MW, will generate 62.3 GWh annually and will have 1,475 m of penstock. The 8 de Agosto plant, with 19 MW of installed capacity, will generate 141 GWh annually and will have 3,243 m of penstock.

With an investment of 93 million dollars, the project has not only created job opportunities in the area, but has also supported the cultivation of alternative crops such as coffee and cocoa and has promoted social programs, including health and educational activities for local communities. The project sponsors are Union Group and Banco Santander.


For further info, download executive summary in EN|SP and full text in EN|SP