Vessels to Hold Carbon is a collection of three objects by Daniel Tish which have been 3D printed from a new climate-positive material being developed through a collaboration between the MaP+S Group at the Harvard GSD and the Daraio Lab at Caltech. The material is made from photosynthetic microorganisms which absorb many times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is required to manufacture the pieces, storing atmospheric carbon for the life of the pieces. The vessels take on the fluid forms of the medium which they have captured, rendering the air that they embody as solid. 

The pieces are shown as a part of the Symbiotic Habitat installation of the work of the fellows of the Design Akademie Saaleck. More information about the show here, or take a virtual tour of the exhibition here

The research to develop this material and the fabrication system has been generously supported by the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities and further development is being supported by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.