We hope to see many of you at ACADIA 2018 in Mexico City. We will be presenting a paper on Ferrofluidic Casting and two on the 3D printing of ceramics!

Responsive Spatial Print: Clay 3D printing of spatial lattices using real-time model recalibration. Hyeonji Claire Im; Sulaiman Alothman; Jose Luis García del Castillo (Thur 9.30am)
Fluid Equilibrium: Material computation in ferrofluidic castings. Zach Seibold; Jonathan Grinham; Olga Geletina; Onye Ahanotu; Allen Sayegh; James Weaver; Martin Bechthold (Fri 4.45 pm)
Ceramic Morphologies: Precision and control in paste-based additive manufacturing. Zach Seibold; Kevin Hinz; José Luis García del Castillo y López; Nono Martínez Alonso; Saurabh Mhatre; Martin Bechthold (Sat 3 pm)