Emotion Choreography: Physiology of Mobility

Responsive Environments: Bergamo eMotion, Spring 2016, Harvard GSD
Teachers: Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani
Students: Catty Dan Zhang, Mailys Meyer

Instead of expressing emotion through motion we will create emotion from the design of motion. When our bodies are in motion we sense feelings we don’t get elsewhere. (sudden stop, unexpected stop, facing backwards while moving, acceleration force, friction wind). Let’s design transportation for human body instead of for the infrastructure machine system.

Mobility could be personalized in the city, based on the users sensitivity and emotions created along their path in the urban environment. Suggestions of new routes and places could be based on their emotions tracked during a previous journey.

To do so, and in order to improve comfort and travel experience, we are proposing a vibration free journey based on sensored handle which will response to how tight the user is catching it.

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