Responsive Environments: Bergamo eMotion 2016

Responsive Environments: Bergamo eMotion, Spring 2016, Harvard GSD
Teachers: Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani
Students: Amira Abdel-Rahman, Nono Martinez Alonso, Santiago Serna

Seamless motion is understanding transportation as one fluid sequence of events without pause in one’s daily life. Imagine a world where you do not have to plan your daily commute, or go through the stress of arriving late to an appointment. Furthermore, picture a world without traffic jams or stress induced by movement. With Seamless Motion all of this will be a thing of the past.

In its implementation, the project conveys the notion of continuing any activity through the day as one moves around the city. Using driverless vehicle technology, the user is allowed to transport his or herself without focusing in traffic. Being free from the mental drag of transportation, the user can continue with any activity of choice. For example, a person who wants to take advantage of their commuting time to finish a presentation, can simply board a module with a laptop and work through rush hour. By previously logging their time constraints, people using the system will never be late to appointments. Being engaged in their respective activities, individuals can board at any time knowing that the vehicle, not necessarily taking the fastest route, will take them to their destination on time.

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