Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety

Responsive Environments: City eMotion, Spring 2017, Harvard GSD
Teachers: Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani
Students: Honghao Deng, Jiabao Li

Twinkles are luminous creatures living on light post of urban streets and in yards. They are aeriel animals like fireflies which are curious and playful and is attracted to human activities. During daytime, they rest on their stations on urban light post and absorb solar power from them. At night, they fly over to each individuals walking on the street to shed light on them and offer abundant lighting for their way ahead. Twinkles are indirect solution for improving urban safety surveillance. Twinkles’ behavior and habit help everyone walking nearby observe better of their surroundings environment. At the same time, this indifferent act can expose the individuals who attempt to conduct misbehavior and therefore prevent crime.