Cevisama 2018

We have begun work on our next exhibition for the Valenica-based Cevisama – to be held in February 2018. We will update the post as work progresses!

Patent Filing

MaP+S is filing our third patent on innovative material systems, with potential applications from buildings to consumer products and medical devices.

Barcelona Design Museum: Upcoming Public Lecture

The next public lecture by MaP+S director M. Bechthold will be held on October 25 at the Barcelona Design Museum. From the announcement:

“Architects have rediscovered their interest in architectural ceramics as a multifunctional material for contemporary designs. Today’s innovations in material technology, digital production methods and assembly approaches allow for applications that combine the materials’ emotional appeal with new functionalities. “Expanding Designs” presents speculative designs and research by Harvard’s Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) group that involve robotic technology, design experiments and studies geared towards industry integration.”

Check out the announcement here.

Cevisama 2017

MaP+S has been commissioned to produce a ceramic installation for the 2017 Cevisama in Valencia. Prototyping and final design efforts are on their way. The new project is a collaboration with Sal Craig from the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities. We are currently finalizing the production process and are producing final 3D computational models for production. Our local partners are the Ceramics Research Institute ITC in Castellon and the installer Jordi Font de Mora. Check back for updates!

Research Lectures Spring 2016

Prof. Bechthold delivered lectures on MaP+S research at the New Jersey Institute of Architecture, at the 2016 COVERINGS in Chicago, as well as at the Bergamo (Italy) based Italcementi. The next lecture will take place in Nottingham Trent University (UK, June 2016), and at the Museum of Design in Barcelona (Spain, October 2016).

Book Launch Party

Prof. Ali Malkawi will be hosting a book launch party at the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, celebrating the completion of ‘Ceramic Material Systems’ co-authored by M. Bechthold, A. Kane and N. King.

Book Launch Invitation

Material Practice as Research: Ceramics

The GSD’s 2015 Ceramics course, taught by Leire Asensio Villoria, presented student projects that involved investigations of analogue and digital ceramic craft and the production of tectonic prototypes in collaboration with Harvard’s ceramics studio and its director Kathy King. A selection of the projects will be exhibited at the 2016 CEVISAMA in Valencia, Spain.

ceramic course harvard

Wyss Retreat 2015

The ALivE group produced its third exhibition for the annual Wyss retreat. This year’s installation featured work from the ongoing ‘Nano, Micro, Macro’ class co-taught by Martin Bechthold and James Weaver, and was framed by a large structure that investigated elastic deformation patterns based on negative poisson ratio buckling research in collaboration with the Bertoldi Group.    more

Visiting Scholar Fall 2015 – Eva Pirker

MaPS is welcoming Eva Pirker as our visiting scholar for the fall of 2015. Ms Pirker has dual backgrounds in architecture and structural engineering. Her home institution is the Institute of Structural Design at TU Graz. Pirker’s research focusses on computational optimization approaches for complex structures.


Autodesk BUILD Grant

The MaPS group has been awarded an Autodesk BUILD Grant to conduct research in the area of additive manufacturing. Research in this area will commence in the fall of 2015. The group will also be collaborating with the company’s new BUILD space environment in south Boston.

Ceramic Re:Visions Studio

As guest professor at the Institute of Structural Design at TU Graz M. Bechthold co-taught a studio that investigated the structural use of thin ceramic modules. Student groups designed and tectonic systems, and produced functional prototypes in collaboration with the ceramics study department at the Ortweinschule Graz.

Video Interview (in German)


Protoceramics: new MaPS installation at 2015 Cevisama

A new installation is in the works for the 2015 Cevisama. Production of the ceramic elements is now completed, and the assembly is well advanced in Spain. Again we will be at the center of the Transhitos area, working with a group of local producers as well as with Bambalina for the actual installation. Along with three sizeable prototypes we will exhibit small scale models and an exhibition catalogue. > more

Ceramic Material Systems – Forthcoming Book

ceramics material systems cover sBirkhauser recently announced the publication of our forthcoming book ‘Ceramic Material Systems’: “Ceramic material systems comprise the full ecosystem from material extraction and processing to the assembly of construction elements and their eventual reuse and recycling. This book establishes the state of the art of this quickly emerging field, with a particular interest in presenting the knowledge needed for developing project-specific solutions that often involve custom ceramic elements. The authors provide a rigorous background of the materials and associated technologies as well as inspiration from the very best contemporary buildings using ceramic systems, along with an overview of emerging ceramic technologies and research.”

The book will be available starting in May 2015!

2014 Wyss Retreat – ALivE Exhibition

MaPS has been invited to present ongoing work at the 2014 Wyss Retreat. In addition to displaying our prototypes we are also designing and fabricating a modular exhibition environment that can be quickly installed and taken down. Work from ALivE will be shown along with ongoing research by the Bertoldi group as well as research by Wyss scholar Chuck Hoberman and James Weaver.