Breathing Light

Digital Media: Unseen Harvard (Spring 2017-18, Harvard GSD VIS-2223)

Students: Mia Ming Guo, Jingmei Hu, Yinan Liu, Peilin Li, Zheng Cong

Starting from the Proxemics Theory, our proposal is to transform a bus station into a micro social space with the medium of light. The existing bus station locates in front of the memorial hall, functioning as a shelter for the people who wait for the bus. People come and go as time passes by. We proposed to visualize the transience of people passing through with the assistant of light and time. This project enables us to see a space starting from us, growing around us, the overlapping with other people’s space.

By using Neopixel, Arduino, and photo-resistor sensors, we created a new installation with multiple lights affections. People in the bus station can claim their own color and space. The range of color will get larger and brighter through time. until one color mixes with another color, or in another sense, some one else’s space, it will keep going till lightening up the whole station. In this way, the light affections have become the new approach to communication and interaction.