Cryptoscope for a Cybernetic Future

GSD VIS-2314: Responsive Environments: Poetics of Space (Spring 2021-22)
Students: Ethica Burt (MDes Ecologies), Muqing Bai (MDes Ecologies)
Faculty: Allen Sayegh, Humbi Song


This project takes a critical look at the decreasing gap between human and machine. In a future where this integration becomes increasingly cybernetic, humans develop another sense which tunes into the electromagnetic fields [EMFs] these machines generate. Physical proximity to other machines results in overlaps and a tuning into that machine’s sense.

New Perceptions: The wearables illustrates this enhanced vision where humans tune into streams of digital interactions and electromagnetic vistas currently outside human perception. This interaction is translated into buzzing felt by the hand that increases in rate like a heartbeat and a head wearable with pixelized sight that clears when in proximity to a machine that has a tangible EMF.

Short Story